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Our Synagogue

Our Synagogue



Saturday Morning Services @ 10:00am.
followed by a Kiddush (Light Lunch).
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An interactive tour
The synagogue is the Jewish house of prayer and study. Take a tour of what the Synagogue includes, get a glimpse of the basic prayers, the Torah reading and how the holiest object that the Jews have, The Torah, is made.
Join us for a
Traditional Friday Night Dinner

For a traditional, warm, inspirational, Shabbat experience.
Join us for a personalized Friday Night Dinner, with singing, insights into the weekly torah portion and delicious food. You'll feel right at home.
Tranquility. Awareness. Jewish identity. Family . . .
Shabbat: the island of time that defines the Jew’s week. The rituals, the practices, the do’s, and the don’ts of the Jewish Sabbath—and how you can experience it all for yourself.
Celebrate your birthday, anniversary, the Yahrzeit of a family member or other family occasion with a kiddush lunch at the shul! The Kiddush is very affordable and it's a beautiful way of celebrating with the community.
Join us for an evening of Song, Dinner and Dessert.
Join us for a traditional Shabbat Dinner meal
with lots of good food, good company and good spirit!
Hebrew School

Where children learn and love their Judaism!


Join us for regular services


Join us for Friday night and Shabbat morning services.

Adult Education

To Learn is to Live!

Jewish Women's Circle

Designed for the contemporary Jewish woman

Social Services

Social Services


Become a partner in our vital work

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