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"JLI Teens is a great backdrop to promote values, educate the young people, and ensure that our traditions will be carried on." 
Arlen Specter, former U.S. senator, Philadelphia, PA


"JLI provides our youth with the questions that need to be asked as they attempt to create their own identities as young Jews in a modern world." 
Joel Cahn, Clinical Psychologist, Clarks Green, PA


"Our son was very drawn in by the sessions. I think it was an important experience, as he is at an age when he is rapidly forming beliefs about the world. I would recommend this to all parents with teenagers!" 
Debbie Willaman, Parent of JLI Teen, San Diego, CA



"I have learned so much from the classes and you that I will instill into my everyday life. Thank you so much" 
Jon Stalk, JLI Teen, Maimi Beach, FL


"I gained a better understanding of the Jewish standpoint on issues through textual readings and group discussions. I was impressed by the supportive environment my peers provided, enabling thoughtful discussion and analysis of major problems in everyday life...Thank you!" 
Daniel Shein, JLI Teen, Melbourne, Australia


"I love JLI Teens! It was engaging and different from any Judaic studies I’ve had in the past." 
Jaclyn Pavlofsky, JLI Teen, Cincinnati, OH



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 More information about the curriculum to be covered this year:

SUPER JEW: The Miracle of Jewish Survival

Summary: This series will address anti-Semitism, assimilation, lessons from the Holocaust, the chosen people and Jewish pride. Teens will embrace their Jewish identity in a modern world.

Description: From the ghettos and pogroms of the Middle Ages, to the concentration camps in Europe, to Islamist terror all across the world today, Jews have been beaten, attacked, and singled out for destruction. The hateful rhetoric on college campuses, in the media, and all over the Internet seems to get worse by the day. Even modern Israel lives under constant threat and has to fight for the right to exist. Why is it that ever since the dawn of the Jewish nation, there have been people who tried to destroy us?

For what reason or purpose are the Jews still here? Would the world be any different if the Jews didn’t exist?


JEWISH REVOLUTIONS: Building a Better World

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SummaryOne individual can change the world! This series explores Judaism’s take on modern causes such as social justice, world peace, freedom, and the environment.

Description: From time immemorial, brave young individuals have stood up to make a difference and change the world—for good. Young people around the world volunteer their time, raise money and awareness, and take concrete steps to fix real problems in their communities. What drives us to fix the world? Where does this inner passion come from? What values and beliefs does Judaism promote that we can use to effect change?


LIFE ON THE LINE: You Make the Call

Summary: This series presents real-life news stories, challenging students to share their views and opinions on each case and then consider what ancient Judaism says about those modern-day dilemmas.

Description: Discover a different way of navigating through life’s tough decisions: this series demonstrates how to change direction and think “outward”.  Students will become familiar with Jewish law as it pertains to aspects of modern life. In addition, students will be challenged and inspired to review their own role in society, learning the idea that Jewish law stresses our obligations to other people in order to fulfill the mission of Tikkun Olam, partnering with G‑d to make a positive impact on the world