Circle of Hope was born in our efforts to assist children and adults with cancer who come here from Israel in the hopes of a cure, as they receive treatment at the new state of the art 'Procure Proton Therapy Center' right here in Somerset. 

Circle of Hope is a non-profit organization, in which the community, medical professionals, survivors and their families join forces to create services and resources for individuals with cancer and other illnesses. 


‘Circle of Hope’ – C.G.’s Story of Hope

When C.G.’s family of Hulon, Israel was told that their eight year old son’s only chance at a cure for the cancer he had been battling for two years was to be found at the ProCure Proton Therapy Center in Somerset, NJ, they felt lost, frightened and confused.

‘We just didn’t know what to expect in a foreign country’ says C.G.’s mother M., who herself is a Russian immigrant to Israel. ‘We don’t speak English and going to NJ for treatment would mean leaving our three year old daughter behind with relatives, giving up my husband’s job and our only source of income, and fighting for our son’s health in unfamiliar surroundings. To say we were anxious is an understatement.’

Enter ‘Circle of Hope’ – a non-profit organization founded by the Chabad Center for Jewish Life in response to the influx of Jewish patients traveling here from Israel and around the world in hopes of a cure.

‘From the moment we called the angels at Circle of Hope, we felt like everything was going to be OK, and we knew that we would not be alone on this terrifying journey’ relates Y.G, C.’s father. ‘Miriam Krinsky, who runs the organization, spoke our language, which put us at ease right away. A Hebrew speaking volunteer greeted us at the airport with homemade chocolate cupcakes – C’s favorite! – and balloons. When we arrived at the beautiful apartment they arranged for us, we couldn’t believe our eyes! It was fully stocked with familiar foods, necessary supplies and lots and lots of C.’s favorite toys, a piano for him to use, as well as knitting supplies for my wife, since she had mentioned that knitting is therapeutic for her. Throughout our stay they just went above and beyond, physically, emotionally and spiritually. They helped us get a rental car, accompanied us to doctor’s appointments, translated for us, invited us to Holiday parties and events, took my wife to a doctor when she wasn’t feeling well during our stay, treated us to exciting trips and so much more. They gave us hope and love during a most difficult time in our lives and though we are back in Israel we still keep in touch. This community has become like family to us! From speaking with the many other families who have benefitted from Circle of Hope we know that they feel the same. Their work is truly remarkable.’

Says Rabbi Krinsky, the center’s spiritual leader: ‘This has been an incredible partnership, a true circle of hope, in which the community has joined forces to create services and resources for individuals with cancer and other illnesses. Our community has gone above and beyond and we have been able to create a solid network of professionals offering a gamut of services, as well as volunteers and donors who have really stepped up to the plate in a most generous and heartwarming way. When you see the newfound hope in the families’ eyes, you know these efforts from the heart have truly become a circle of hope.’