Dear friend,

You are not alone! Our community is here for you in any way we can - just let us know how we can best be of help to make your stay as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

Each family's needs are as unique as the families themselves; please let us know what we can do for YOU!

Some of the ways we have been able to help:

  • Airport pick ups & drop-off's
  • Car rentals or loans
  • Accomodations at beautiful apartments 
  • Kitchen koshering and new utensils and supplies
  • Fully stocked apartments with foods, household supplies and more
  • Rides to and from appointments
  • Age appropriate and individualized, sanitized toys for children
  • Warm clothing for the winter months
  • Warm, home cooked meals
  • Grocery deliveries 
  • Visits and invitations to community members homes
  • Holiday celebrations and events at Chabad
  • Shabbat Celebrations 
  • Free Family doctor in case of emergencies (Russian speaking)
  • Free Dentist in case of emergencies 
  • Free Optometrist (Eye doctor) in case of emergencies 
  • Free Occupational therapist (Hebrew speaking)
  • Free Psychologist (Hebrew & Russian speaking)
  • Free Attorney Services (Hebrew speaking) 
  • Free Translation services - 24/7 (Hebrew, Yiddish, German, Russian, Spanish)
  • Tutoring Services for children, teens and adults
  • Babysitting Services 
  • Trips and activities
  • Spiritual and emotional guidance and counseling
  • Trips to special prayer sites 
  • Companionship & friendship

Please call us at 908-242-1348. We speak Hebrew fluently and are looking forward to hearing from you! You can also email 

We will stand by your side during your stay - you are not alone! Confidentiality assured.


your Circle of Hope friends