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Chabad has been a wonderful way to personally renew my acquaintance with my Jewish heritage. The adult education classes guided by Rabbi Krinsky have been a source of knowledge and inspiration.

Lawrence Dickstein, Somerset, NJ

We are so happy that Chabad has become an integral part of the Hillsborough Jewishhochhauser.jpg community as well as an important part of our own family life. We have been welcomed unconditionally and wholeheartedly into services, programs, and the lives of the Krinsky family. It has helped our family continue and develop our Jewish identity. We are excited for our children to be a part of the programs that are offered by Chabad as they get older. We appreciate the connection to Judaism that Chabad gives us and the excitement and love with which it is run.

The Hochhauser Family, Hillsborough, NJ

The Chabad Jewish Center is a safe, loving and nurturing environment where anyone and everyone is welcome to learn and grow! Rabbi Krinsky welcomed and embraced my family to Chabad! He went above and beyond to provide my father with Judaism when he needed it the most. He provided lessons on Judaism to my father which in turn expanded into a weekly study group of 30 people. The Rabbi spread his knowledge to the entire community! He not only educated my father, but supported him through life! Thank you Rabbi for giving that gift to my father and my family! We will always remember Dr. Jan Handleman 1951 - 2008.

Lauren Handleman, Hillsborough, NJ

… a wonderful congregation of men and women in Somerset County. They welcome every steven some.jpgJew regardless of their backgrounds and previous affiliations. Chabad offers many educational programs for children and adults, Rabbi Krinsky and his wife Miriam are personally involved in all of the educational and professional development programs. I am very pleased to offer my support to Chabad and wish the organization much continued success in their new location.

Steven Some, Skillman, NJ

sokolloff.jpgWe have been attending the Center for three years now and are extremely happy that we have. …it has none of the intimidating atmosphere that many of the older generation of parents grew up with…No question that we ask either of them seems to be off-limits and is always answered with patience and examples. In the Jewish religion education is one of the highest priorities. Our children enjoy their Sunday classes, and especially their young, energetic and dedicated teachers. We enjoy the adult education classes not just for the content, organization and effort of our instructor but also for the stimulating discussions with our classmates. Most importantly however we enjoy the sense of conscience that Chabad brings to our lives, through services, through learning opportunities and through the community events…

The Sokoloffs, Belle Mead, NJ

Naroden family, please crop.JPG

We have attended The Chabad Center since Chabad came to town six years ago and have found Chabad and its members to be extremely friendly and welcoming to our entire family. Weekly services are children friendly and Hebrew school is very accommodating for each child’s individual needs and level.

Jerome & Elina Naroden, Hillsborough, NJ

toby ehrlich.jpgI feel Chabad is a wonderful organization which opens its doors to many affiliated and unaffiliated Jews, makes them feel very welcome and encourages them to learn about Judaism. My husband studied Talmud with Chabad and he may not have done that if not for their very welcoming atmosphere. As the Marketing director of the Stein Assisted Living, I can personally attest that Rabbi Krinsky and his congregants have often given of themselves to lead programs and visit our residence.

Toby Ehrlich, Somerset, NJ

When we came to this country from Israel 10 years ago the farthest thing from our minds shvetz.JPGwas to join an orthodox temple... We started coming to Chabad about five years ago--

Holiday after Holiday, Simcha after Simcha, we came to realize that this is what we have been searching for all along. At Chabad we felt the connection, the warmth and the family we have been searching for… Last winter our son became a Bar Mitvah, as will our younger son in four years. Both of our sons have attended the Chabad Hebrew School and love it! I (Yael) especially enjoy our women’s group that meets once a month. We feel very lucky to be a part of the Chabad Hillsborough congregation…

The Shvetz Family, Hillsborough, NJ

Chabad has re-kindled my Jewish identity and consciousness and brought it to a spiritual level that did not exist before. It has led me to have a more personal relationship with G-D, and an ongoing desire to bring heaven down to earth. It has solidified my belief that we are all potential agents for positive change in the world, and this is in fact is our role and responsibility as Jews.

Steve Katz, Somerset, NJ

Who would have ever thought... a ‘sect’ of Judaism called Chabad would rekindle our passion to learn, live and love our Jewish heritage. That’s exactly what happened over the last 1 1/2 years of our association with the Chabad of Southern Somerset County. The warmth emanating from Rabbi Shmaya and Miriam Krinsky is a constant. There is always excitement in the air, whether it is studying Torah or celebrating a Jewish Holiday. For the first time we feel a real sense of spirituality; what a wonderful experience it is. Looking forward to many more years of learning, living and loving with Chabad in our Life.

Jane and Wilson, Somerset, NJ

lisa annis.JPG…Since Chabad arrived in our area several years ago, it has become much more than just a religious institution. For us, Chabad has become a source of inspiration, strength and community. Through the vast array of adult programs, holiday celebrations, Hebrew School and community events, Chabad has helped my family to identify with Judaism and inspired us to bring that faith into our home, and our life. The wisdom of Rabbi Shmaya and Miriam has taught us what it means to be Jewish, but has also provided much guidance in our everyday activities. Beyond the religious enlightenment that Chabad has provided, it has also introduced us to a community of terrific people that I now consider an extension of my family. In all of these ways, and many more, Chabad has added such meaning and significance to the lives of my children and I as Jews, but also as people.

Lisa Annis, Hillsborough, NJ

myrna and roy.jpg

Chabad provides the opportunity for Jewish people to be together and learn about the beauty of our heritage…

Myrna & Roy Lieberman, Hillsborough, NJ

“You were born an original. Don’t become a copy. Our originality, our indispensability and unique qualities, all derive from our souls. If that is not enough reason for discovering your soul, I don’t know what else one can say.”

Rabbi S. Jacobson

Rabbi Shmaya and Miriam Krinsky have been indispensable in helping me and my family members “discover our souls”. Their gentleness, sincerity, and kindness make it easy for us to feel a genuine sense of comfort and belonging, and their non-judgmental attitude fosters an emotionally, spiritually, and intellectually safe environment in which we are able to embrace our Jewish heritage.

Dr. Roberta Schorr, Hillsborough, NJ

Until I saw Rabbi Krinsky and his wife in full action at last years annual dinner, I did not marty bengio, please crop.jpgappreciate the full extent of their important work. I saw how people were warmly received and how they were connected to this wonderful family and the Chabad that they represent so well. Here at Regency Jewish Heritage you have always provided a great program for our residents and families. We’re always looking forward to the next scheduled event.

Marty Bengio, Somerset, NJ

esarco family.JPGWhen we moved to this area, Laurie and I were committed to find a Temple that would accommodate our religious needs, after bouncing around from Temple to Temple, we finally found a home at the Chabad of Southern Somerset county. We felt tremendous relief in the fact that Chabad offered us everything we needed. Chabad has a very inviting and cordial Rabbi and family. Chabad is the place to worship in a non intimidating environment (this was BIG for us). As our family grew, Chabad became a place to interact with other families with small children at different events. Chabad has become a place where we have become an integral part of its success. Laurie and I have been fortunate enough to develop relationships that will last a lifetime. Chabad is a cornerstone of our life, we are proud to be part of its presence in this community.

Alex and Laurie Esarco and family, Clinton, NJ

andrew tendler.jpg

Chabad provides a framework and translation for living the teachings of Judaism in your daily life. Chabad’s willingness, patience and openness brings any Jew closer to his religion without judging one’s commitment or observance. I do not think any other orthodox religion offers such a thing. And besides that, its fun.

Andrew Tendler, Somerset, NJ

It is so right and comfortable to have a place to explore, at my own pace, our five thousand year history. And feel, learn and merge into our spiritual heritage...

Dan Shanok, Somerset, NJ


Chabad is a wonderful spiritual and educational experience. It affords a great opportunity to meet with and make friends with fellow Jews. I marvel at the high level of dedication by the group’s leadership. Chabad has awakened our long dormant feelings about our great heritage.

Larry Resnick, Somerset, NJ

silverman.jpgThe Chabad has given us a spiritual home. We always have a place to go where all Jews are accepted no matter our knowledge or ability to daven (pray)… Holidays are special to say the least and it’s a wonderful and warm and accepting place to be. Chabad is a wonderful place to call home.

Eve and Harvey Silverman, Somerset, NJ

We are learning, growing, and developing the spirituality we have always longed for. We feel accepted and loved for who we are; it doesn’t matter how we practice Judaism, just that we are Jews. ..There’s Channukah bowling at the Manville bowling alley, Purim at the Falcon, ....there are Miriam’s “rainy day” games, Jewpardy, word scrambling, and anything imaginable on a holiday... There are hamburgers and hotdogs at the Montgomery park served by the Rabbi’s father...and we should not forget: two recipes for tuna fish at Shabbath Kiddish.... Judaism at Chabad is fun!

Carl & Mindy Offit, Hillsborough, NJ

mark hilton.jpgPrior to attending a Chabad study session in our community, I wasn’t aware of what Chabad did or what kind of impact they could have on individuals or on a community… I was greatly impressed by the connection a young and exuberant Rabbi Krinsky had with the active adult community. In my mind I’m thinking how is it possible for an orthodox Rabbi to have a connection with many Jews in this community, a number of whom had very limited knowledge of their Jewish background. I saw that Rabbi Krinsky and Chabad weren’t interested in what the attendees’ previous background and affiliations were, but rather what new Jewish learning and knowledge they could bring to the community. …Chabad accentuates the positive in everyone’s Jewish background…

Marc Hilton, Somerset, NJ

…Since our children have attended the Chabad, we have seen a tremendous improvement in their knowledge and skills, but more importantly their behaviors. My children attribute the change to the deep knowledge, devotion and true spirituality of the teachers, combined with simple, understandable learning materials and effective methodologies. It is not just a teaching job to the teachers; it’s a whole way of life. The teachers had more interactive lessons and projects rather than just reading out of a book or dolling out assignments for the kids to do on there own. The teachers along with the Rabbi and Miriam get directly involved in the lessons with a real focus and passion and this has made all the difference in creating a nurturing, positive environment and exciting experience for the children. Their approach to teaching has encouraged them to want to learn more, ask important questions and discover and embrace their Judaism. Our children truly look forward to go to temple every Sunday and that is amazing.

Phillip & Dana Brazer, Hillsborough, NJ